brief explanation

Kosher food is a series of parameters applied to the consumption of foods not conducive mainly animal intake as pork or shellfish and the simultaneous combination of milk and cooked meat, among other guidelines. The word KOSHER (“fit” in Hebrew) is used to indicate all that relates to the supply rules that indicates the Bible.

kosher Cuisine

Currently, Kosher food consumption was no longer exclusive to the Jewish community and has expanded to mass markets. Demand Kosher settled among Muslims, 7th day Adventists, vegetarians and the general public who seek healthy products for feeding, pure and have ingredients and quality certificates.

Kosher - health and quality

The rules of kashrut are directly linked with hygiene standards, the fact that a permanent monitoring required from the beginning to the end of the production process by the rabbinical authorities who oversee and give their stamp on the product, ensure the consumer, greater health safety standards of production.

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